Ed Christie


Ed Christie (given birth to Might 20, 1956) can be an artwork movie director and puppet developer. Christie began as an intern with Henson Affiliates in 1978. He graduated from UMass Amherst using a BFA/Education in 1979. After many years of learning Muppet design techniques, and building lots of the classic Muppet characters, Christie was marketed to Muppet Supervisor responsible for Sesame Road (1991-1996). He was afterwards marketed to Vice Leader/NY Muppet Workshop Supervisor (1997-2004) aswell as Art Movie director for Henson on Sesame Road. He also added his abilities to Henson Licensing and Posting. In 2004, Christie still left Henson and was contracted by Sesame Workshop where he’s currently designing characters for the home version of Sesame Road and Sesame Road International. He offers designed the Muppet heroes for Sesame India, Bangladesh, Russia, Israel, South Africa, Egypt, China, Poland, France, Mexico, Canada, Japan while others. Christie is presented in the film The Globe Relating to Sesame Road. He has won 8 Emmy Honours for his focus on Sesame Road and numerous nominations for other Henson productions. Christie’s function was also observed in the Broadway productions of Doonesbury, Peter Skillet, Sugar Infants and Encores! Carnival!.