Drusilla Beyfus

Drusilla Beyfus
Hampstead, London, UK
Residence London, U.K.
OccupationEtiquette writer
Spouse(s)Milton Shulman
Children Jason Shulman
Alexandra Shulman
Nicola Shulman


Drusilla Beyfus (given birth to 1927) is a Uk etiquette writer.

Publications (selected)

1968: The English Marriage: what it really is like to become married today 1969: Woman Behave: helpful information to contemporary manners for the 1970s (with Anne Edwards) 1985: The Bride's Publication 1992: Courtship - The Done Point: contemporary manners in small 1992: Contemporary Manners: the fundamental guide to surviving in the '90s 1992: Celebrations - The Done Point: contemporary manners in small 1993: Business: the Done Point 1993: Sex: the Done Point 1994: Contemporary Manners: the entire guide to modern etiquette