Douglas Blue Feather


Douglas Blue Feather is a songwriter and performer of modern music featuring the Local American flute. He offers released 14 CDs. Like a veteran performer and pioneer in modernizing the Local American flute, the highlights of his profession include being successful the 2010 Indian Summer time Music Award for “Best Local American Flute”, this year’s 2009 Coalition Of Visionary Assets Music Award for “Best MODERN CD”, so that as receiving over seventeen nominations for the Local American Music Awards and four wins including “Flutist FROM THE 12 months” and “Best MODERN CD.” Like a Grammy designer, Douglas Blue Feather was presented around the Grammy nominated Compact disc, Faces Of SUNLIGHT, by Peter Kater. He has performed in the Local American Honours, on NBC Television, Fox TV, with numerous nationally advertised powwows, celebrations, and churches through the entire United States.


Earth Music (Released Apr 11, 2011) THE VERY BEST Of (Released August 11, 2010) Rollin' Want Thunder (Released January 13, 2010) Kokopelli Xmas (Released Sept 11, 2008) Sacred Space (Released Might 11, 2008) Heart from the Flute (Released August 11, 2007) A Crown of Superstars (Released Apr 11, 2007) Heal THE PLANET EARTH (Released Apr 11, 2006) Period For Truth (Released June 11, 2005) THE FANTASTIC Spirit of Xmas (Released Sept 11, 2004) Superstar Nations (Released Might 11, 2003) Trip The Lightning (Released Might 11, 2002) Entrance (Released June 11, 2000) Seventh Fireplace (Released Might 11, 1998)