Don Allen (golfer)


Donald Allen can be an American amateur golfer. In 2012, he became an inaugural person in the brand new York State Golfing Association Hall of Popularity. Allen was raised near Rochester, NY. In 1965 and 1967, he was chosen towards the Walker Glass team, and in addition performed on America’s Glass teams double. He never earned the U.S. Novice, but won the brand new York State Novice six instances between 1961 and 1973. He also earned two NYSGA Mid-Amateur competitions and three NYSGA Older Amateur competitions. He earned the Monroe Invitational four instances. He made an appearance in the Experts Competition in 1965, 1966, and 1967.

Amateur wins

1955 Monroe Invitational 1957 Monroe Invitational 1959 RDGA District Tournament 1961 NY Condition Amateur, RDGA District Tournament 1962 RDGA District Tournament 1963 NY Condition Amateur, RDGA District Tournament 1964 NY Condition Amateur 1965 Monroe Invitational 1966 Monroe Invitational 1970 NY Condition Amateur 1972 NY Condition Amateur 1973 NY Condition Amateur 1974 RDGA District Tournament 1978 RDGA District Tournament 1985 NYSGA Mid-Amateur 1987 NYSGA Mid-Amateur 1994 NYSGA Men's Senior, RDGA Senior Tournament 1996 NYSGA Men's Senior 1997 NYSGA Men's Senior 1999 RDGA Senior Championship