Dominique Boschero

Dominique Boschero
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Born(1934-04-27) 27 April 1934 (age 83)


‹ The template Infobox person has been considered for merging. › Dominique Boschero (given birth to 27 Apr 1934) is a French-Italian celebrity.

Life and career

Given birth to in Paris by Italian parents, Boschero spent her child years in Frassino, Italy with her grandparents before age group of 15, when she returned to Paris. After debuting on stage and in movies in the middle-1950s, in 1960 she relocated back Italy, where she became a celebrity of genre movies, with occasional shows in dramatic and funny functions. In the 1970s she slowed her actions, retiring in the middle-1970s. She presently lives in Frassino.

Selected filmography

Women's Golf club (1956) The Bride-to-be IS A LOT Too Beautiful (1956) El dollaro di fifa (1960) The Golden Arrow (1962) Ulysses Against the Boy of Hercules (1962) Mare matto (1963) The Reunion (1963) The Swindlers (1964) Key of the Chinese language Carnation (1964) La donnaccia (1964) Key Agent Fireball (1965) Spiaggia libera (1965) OSS 77 – Operazione fior di loto (1965) The Two times Bed (1965) We Kill, You Get rid of (1965) Ring All over the world (1966) THE GREAT Argoman (1967) Open fire of Like (1967) The Curse of Belphegor (1967) Teach for Durango (1968) Between God, the Devil and a Winchester (1968) The Unnaturals - Contronatura (1969) The Blonde in the Blue Film (1971) Gang Battle (1971) Il sindacalista (1972) Who have Saw Her Pass away? (1972) All of the Colors from the Dark (1972) The Bloodstained Yard (1973) Enthusiasts and Other Family members (1974) Faccia di spia (1975)