DJ Chus

DJ Chus
Birth nameJesus Lopez Esteban
Also known asDJ Chus
Born1971 (age 45-46)
Madrid, Spain
Occupation(s)Producer, DJ
Years active1994-present
LabelsStereo Productions
Associated actsChus & Ceballos, Cerutti & Lopez, Groove Foundation


DJ Chus (given birth to Jesús López Esteban, 1971, Madrid, Spain) can be an electronic music maker, remixer and DJ. He functions mainly on home music.


Chus began DJing at age 16. In 1994, he opened up Teatro Kapital, and was also among the citizen in Algarve's Kadoc disco.After many years of making house and trance music under a number of names, DJ Chus, along with fellow DJ and producer Pablo Ceballos and manager Carlos Caliço, founded the Stereo system Productions record label in 2001. DJ Chus generally collaborates with Pablo Ceballos on intensifying house produces, and with David Penn on garage area house tracks.



DJ Chus 1994: "Kapital Of Home" 1996: "ENTER INTO THE HOME" 1997: "Get Funky", with David Penn and Beto Cerutti 2005: "Globe Routes" 2006: "Dark Rainfall" Chus & Ceballos Each is collaborations with Pablo Ceballos 2001: "Afrika" 2002: "Iberican Grooves Vol. 1" 2002: "Deep Structures", as Dano, Chus & Ceballos, with Dano 2002: "Iberican Audio" 2002: "The Solid Tempo", as Manaça, Chus & Ceballos, with Carlos Manaça 2002: "AROUND THE Power", as Chus & Ceballos vs. Tony Hewitt, with Tony Hewitt 2003: "Echoes From Doruma" 2004: "In Stereo system", as Chus & Ceballos vs. Tedd Patterson, with Tedd Patterson 2004: "Low Frequencies", as Chus & Ceballos vs. Richie Santana, with Richie Santana 2005: "Iberican Sound (2005 Remixes)" 2005: "Incorrect About Me", with Derek Conyer 2009: "Blended Sound 002: (Component 1)" DJ Chus & David Penn/Chus+Penn Each is collaborations with David Penn 2000: "Sunlight", with Darren J. Bell 2001: "From Madrid With Like" 2001: "Music For Playgrounds", as Halo, Penn & Chus, with Halo 2002: "Baila", with Caterina de Jesus 2002: "Burning up Paris" 2004: "Esperanza" 2004: "Sunlight 2004", with Darren J. Bell 2004: "AM I GOING TO (Discover Like)", with Concha Buika Hannu 2003: "Latina" 2004: "IN TO THE Night time" 2004: "Summerfunk" Polaris Each is collaborations with Beto Cerutti 1997: "Polaris" 1998: "ANOTHER Millennium" 2000: "Provide Me Your Hands" Latin Enthusiasts Each is collaborations with Beto Cerutti 2000: "Voices Of Savanna" 2003: "Dos Gardenias (Em virtude de Ti)" 2004: "Cuando Un Amor" Additional aliases 1997: "Screaming Dolphins", as Kenya, with Beto Cerutti 1997: "Le Plaisir", as Nitro, with Beto Cerutti 1998: "Atmosphere", as Nitro, with Beto Cerutti 1998: "ARE YOU SET To Honk The Airhorns?", mainly because Roundheadz, with Beto Cerutti 1998: "Bahia's Kids", mainly because Cerutti & Lopez, with Beto Cerutti 2001: "Un Amor", as Joeski & Chus, with Joeski and Caterina de Jesus 2001: "The Roma EP", as DJ Chus vs. Oscar de Rivera, with Oscar de Rivera 2002: "That Sense", as The Groove Basis, with Pablo Ceballos and Darren J. Bell - UK #65 2003: "We Play Home", as Soulground, with David Penn and Concha Buika 2005: "That Sense (TAKE IT AGAIN)", as The Groove Basis, with Pablo Ceballos and Darren J. Bell 2006: "We Play Home (Remixes)", as Soulground, with David Penn and Concha Buika 2006: "Superflyin'", as Cubic, with Pablo Ceballos and Victor Calderone (Co-)productions for additional performers 1995: Kadoc - "The Nighttrain" 1995: Kadoc - "The Come back FROM THE Dark Face mask EP" 2000: Tekknova - "Dance in SPACE", with David Castellano 2003: Marcelo Castelli - "Quimera", with Pablo Ceballos


Deejay Mags - Best Home DJ 2001, 2004 Deejay Mags - Best Spanish DJ 2004 Deejay Mags - Best Home Creation 2002 Dance Golf club Honours - Best Maker 2002, 2004 Dance Golf club Honours - Best Compact disc Compilation 2003