Diego Centurión


Diego Omar López Centurión (given birth to 5 June 1982), better referred to as Diego Centurión, is a Paraguayan professional footballer who has being a striker for Sportivo Luqueño, in the Paraguayan Primera División.

Club career

Early life

Diego Centurión was created in Caaguazú, Paraguay, where he was the 4th of seven kids from an unhealthy family. He attained Atlético Caaguazú, where one of is own old brothers was playing, at age group 14. Also at that age group he debuted in the initial group, that was champ of the neighborhood tournament. Instantly was seen with a businessman known as Epifanio Rojas, who got him to Tembetary, at that time playing in the next Division. He produced his professional debut in 1998, at age group 16.

Europe and serious injury

That same year was used in Serie A team A.S. Roma, where he was half a year until he experienced a torn ligament in his leg, after a solid collision with teammate Cafu, throughout a training session.Centurión was loaned to Udinese, where he underwent medical procedures. From then on, he was delivered to Germany to keep his treatment, which once finished, it allowed him to come back towards the Italian football.