Denis Beauvais

Denis Beauvais
Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Known forFantasy art
Notable workFreelance
Spouse(s)Betsy McLean


Denis (“Den”) Beauvais (given birth to 1962) is a Canadian musician whose work offers appeared in role-playing video games. He was created and elevated in Ottawa.


Den Beauvais spent twelve months learning in the artwork program on the SENIOR HIGH SCHOOL of Business, but is in any other case self-taught. Beauvais did cover artwork on books, periodicals, and game containers. He gained the Eagle Prize in 1989 for Favorite Comic Reserve Cover for Aliens, and was nominated for the Chesley Prize for Greatest Paper Back again/Hard Cover Musician in 1992 and 1994. He in addition has done function for the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing video game, including carrying out 13 addresses for Dragon from 1983. His Dungeons & Dragons addresses include Temple from the Frog, and Truck Richten's Instruction to Vampires. He also certified function to Dark Equine Comics, and done the Predator comics.Although Beauvais spent a lot of the 2000s in america, he today lives along with his second wife in Vancouver.