David Casa


David Casa (given birth to 16 November 1968 in Valletta) is usually a Maltese politician and Person in the Western Parliament (MEP). He’s a member from the Nationalist Party, which is usually area of the Western People’s Party. David Casa happens to be the longest offering Maltese Person in the Western Parliament. He’s currently serving for any third consecutive legislature. He has formed a part of several Western Parliament committees like the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, the Committee on Fisheries, Committee on Foreign Affairs, Delegation for relationships using the countries of Central America and an alternative person in the Committee on the surroundings, Public Health insurance and Food Safety. David Casa had been appointed as reporter for the Fisheries Account. Furthermore, David Casa is a darkness person in the joint Parliamentary Committee for Turkey. He participates in a number of intergroups established from the Western european Parliament, these contain – Commonwealth – Lasting Development – Little Islands – Pensions. David Casa was essential for the establishing from the informal Mediterranean intergroup. The function from the Mediterranean intergroup can be to provide a Mediterranean sizing to procedures deriving through the European Parliament. David Casa currently keeps the post of EPP planner for the Committee on Work and Public Affairs. He’s also an associate from the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs. Over time he was in charge of numerous important European Parliament dossiers including various VAT documents and establishing the EPP social plan.


1987: Person in the Professional Committee from the Union of Bankers 1990: Personal Associate towards the Minister of Foreign Affairs 1995: Adviser towards the Deputy Prime Minister 1998: Person in the Council from the Confederation of Malta Trade Unions (CMTU) 1998: Personal Associate towards the Minister of Foreign Affairs 2003: Professional Secretary in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs 2004: Person in the Foreign Affairs Committee in the Maltese Parliament (July 2001: Founder and Secretary-General from the 'Yes to European countries Movement' (February Croce dell'Ordine - Sovereign Army Order of Malta (SMOM)