David C.H. Austin


David Charles Henshaw Austin OBE (given birth to 16 Feb 1926) is a rose breeder and article writer who lives in Shropshire, Britain. His emphasis is certainly on mating roses with the type and scent of old backyard roses (such as for example gallicas, damasks and alba roses) but using the repeat-flowering capability and wide color range of contemporary roses such as for example cross teas and floribundas.


Austin's initial commercially available rose, 'Constance Spry', was introduced in 1961. In 1967 and 1968 he launched 'Chianti' and 'Shropshire Lass' respectively. Although these 1st roses bloomed only one time in springtime or early summer season, they led, in 1969, to some remontant (repeat-flowering) types, including 'Wife of Shower' and 'Canterbury' (both in honour from the British writer Geoffrey Chaucer). Austin's roses quickly became probably the most effective group of fresh roses in the twentieth hundred years.Though Austin's roses aren't officially accepted as another class of roses by, for example, the Royal Country wide Rose Culture or the American Rose Culture, they are non-etheless commonly described by rosarians, at nurseries, and in horticultural literature as 'British Roses' (the word he uses) or 'Austin Roses'.Since its founding in 1969, he and his company David Austin Roses in Albrighton, near Wolverhampton, have introduced over 190 increased cultivars. Cultivars have already been called in honour of his family members, well-known rosarians, physical landmarks in Britain, traditional events, and United kingdom writers, especially Shakespeare and Chaucer, and their functions or characters. For example, roses possess honoured such diverse entities as the rosarian and musician Graham Thomas and Ruler Henry VIII's flagship, the Mary Rose.In the twenty-first century, Austin separated his roses into four groups as helpful information to help expand developments. The four groupings are: the Aged Rose Hybrids, roses with the looks of the Aged Roses but repeated, healthful and with an array of colors the Leander Group, frequently with Rosa wichurana within their mating, with bigger bushes and arching development tending to make sure they are pillar or low climbing roses the British Musk Roses, predicated on 'Iceberg' as well as the Noisette roses, with pale green, slim and airy development. The musk increased scent is lacking from most, though various other scents can be found in lots of. the British Alba Hybrids, with tall, rather blue-leaved bushes just like the previous Alba roses.In 2003, David Austin was awarded the Victoria Medal of Honour with the Royal Horticultural Culture for his services to horticulture as well as the Dean Gap Medal in the Royal Country wide Rose Culture. He provides received an Honorary MSc in the School of East London for his focus on increased mating. He received the life time achievement award through the Garden Center Association in 2004 and was granted an OBE in 2007. This year 2010, he was called a "Great Rosarian from the World".


Austin, David (1990). The traditions of the increased (rev. ed., repr. ed.). Woodbridge: Classic Collector's Golf club. ISBN 1851490205.   Austin, David (1992). Aged roses and British roses (repr. ed.). Woodbridge: Classic Collector's Golf club. ISBN 1851491503.   Austin, David (1993). Shrub roses and climbing roses : with cross tea and floribunda roses (repr. ed.). Woodbridge: Classic Collectors' Golf club. ISBN 185149166X.   Martin, Clair G. (1997). 100 British roses for the American backyard. NY: Workman. ISBN 0761101853.   Austin, David (2010). David Austin's British roses. Woodbridge: Backyard Artwork. ISBN 1870673700.   Lawson, Andrew; David Austin (2011). The British roses (rev. ed.). London: Conran Octopus. ISBN 1840915544.   David Austin published the foreword for Beales, Peter (1998). Botanica's roses : encyclopedia of roses. Random Home. ISBN 0091835925.   His annual free of charge catalogue David Austin Handbook of Roses, primarily specialized in Austin Roses but also list many other types (frequently in the Austin roses pedigree) on sale, consists of info on roses and their treatment in general, too as many increased photographs.

"English Rose"

"English Rose" may be the designation for roses bred by David Austin.

List of Austin Cultivars

'Constance Spry' (1961) 'Chianti' (1967) 'Shropshire Lass' (1968) 'Canterbury' (1969) 'The Friar' (1969) 'The Prioress' (1969) 'The Yeoman' (1969) 'Chaucer' (1970) 'Charles Austin' (1973) 'Lilian Austin' (1973) 'Redcoat' (1973) 'Yellow Switch' (1975) 'The Squire' (1976) 'The Reeve' (1979) 'Charmian' (1982) 'Leander' (1982) 'Hero' (1982) 'Smart Portia' (1982) 'Admired Miranda' (1983) 'Dapple Dawn' (1983) 'Graham Thomas' (1983) 'Immortal Juno' (1983) 'Lucetta' (1983) 'Mary Rose' (1983) 'Moonbeam' (1983) 'Perdita' (1983) 'Belle Tale' (1984) 'Troilus' (1983) 'Tamora' (1983) 'Bredon' (1984) 'Dove' (1984) 'Traditions' (1984) 'Mary Webb' (1984) 'Windrush' (1984) 'Wenlock' (1984) 'Abraham Darby' (1985) 'Ellen' (1985) 'Robbie Uses up' (1985) 'Sir Walter Raleigh' (1985) 'Symphony' (1986) 'Crazy Rose' (1986) 'The Countryman' (1987) 'The Nun' (1987) 'William Shakespeare' (1987) 'Charles Rennie Mackintosh' (1988) 'Fisherman's Friend' (1988) 'Francine Austin' (1988) 'L D Braithwaite' (1988) 'Potter and Moore' (1988) 'Queen Nefertiti' (1988) 'Financial Moments Centenary' (1989) 'Sharifa Asma' (1989) 'Snowdon' (1989) 'Ambridge Rose' (1990) 'Claire Rose' (1990) 'Jayne Austin' (1990) 'Lilac Rose' (1990) 'Peach Blossom' (1990) 'Bow Bells' (1991) 'Cottage Rose' (1991) 'Nation Living' (1991) 'Evelyn' (1991) 'The Pilgrim' (1991) 'Doctor Jackson' (1992) 'Emily' (1992) 'Sir Edward Elgar' (1992) 'Glamis Castle' (1992) 'Golden Special event' (1992) 'Prospero' (1982) 'Redouté' (1992) 'Charlotte' (1993) 'Happy Kid' (1993) 'Tradescant' (1993) 'The Alexandra Rose' (1993) 'Eglantyne' (1994) 'Radio Moments' (1994) 'Windflower' (1994) 'Heavenly Rosalind' (1995) 'Jude the Obscure' (1995) 'Pat Austin' (1995) 'Pegasus' (1995) 'Scepter'd Isle' (1996) 'A Shropshire Lad' (1996) 'Morning hours Mist' (1996) 'Barbara Austin' (1997) 'Geoff Hamilton' (1998) 'Teasing Georgia' (1999) 'Blythe Heart' (2000) 'Buttercup 98' (2000) 'England's Rose' (2000) 'Crown Princess Margareta' (2000) 'Benjamin Britten' (2001) 'The Mayflower' (2001) 'William Shakespeare 2000' (2001) 'Christopher Marlowe' (2002) 'Comtes de Champagne' (2002) 'Janet' (2003) 'Rose-Marie' (2003) 'Darcey Bussell' (2006) 'Huntington Rose' (2006) 'Female of Megginch' (2006) 'Litchfield Angel' (2006) 'Strawberry Hill' (2006) 'Tea Clipper' (2006)

Selection of images

'Abraham Darby''Brother Cadfael''Charles Rennie Mackintosh''Charlotte''Crocus Rose''Crown Princess Margareta''Darcey Bussell''Evelyn''Gertrude Jekyll''Golden Special event''Grace''Graham Thomas''Heritage''Jubilee Special event''Mary Rose''Molineux''Pat Austin''Scepter'd Isle''Summer Tune''Teasing Georgia''Tea Clipper''The Pilgrim''William Shakespeare 2000''Winchester Cathedral'

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