David Assouline


David Assouline (given birth to 16 June 1959, Sefrou, Morocco) is usually a member from the Senate of France, representing the town of Paris. Initial elected towards the Senate on 26 Sept 2004, he’s a member from the Socialist Party. He’s concurrently a councillor for the 20th arrondissement of Paris. Assouline is a table person in the France 2 tv network and an associate from the Digital Dividend Commission rate (Commission rate du dividende numérique), which recommended reallocation of frequencies offered by the closing of analogue broadcasting. Previously he offers served as an associate from the French Band of the Inter-Parliamentary Union so that as a member from the Women’s Privileges and Equal Chance Commission rate (Délégation aux droits des femmes et

Works (with Mehdi Lallaoui)

Assouline is a historian that has written a 3-quantity study of France's romantic relationship using its immigrants. Nevertheless, he is most widely known for his focus on the severe repression of Algerians surviving in France through the Algerian War. El siècle d’immigration, Au Nom de la Mémoire (ANM) 1996, Vol. 1: El siècle d'immigrations en France (1851–1918), 144 pp., ISBN 978-2-84146-320-6 1996, Vol. 2: El siècle d'immigrations en France (1919–1945), 144 pp., ISBN 978-2-910780-01-2 1997, Vol. 3: El siècle d'immigrations en France (de 1945


^ Rapport de la Fee du dividende numérique au Top Ministre, July 2008, 82 web pages (in French)