Daniel Bump


Daniel Willis Bump (given birth to 1952) is a mathematician who’s a professor in Stanford University. He’s a fellow from the American Mathematical Culture since 2015, for “efforts to amount theory, representation theory, combinatorics, and arbitrary matrix theory, aswell as numerical exposition”. He obtained his Ph.D. through the College or university of Chicago in 1982 beneath the guidance of Walter Baily.

Selected publications

Bump, D., & Schilling A. (2017). "Crystal Bases: Representations and Combinatorics". Globe Scientific Bump, D. (1998). Automorphic forms and representations. Cambridge University or college Press. Bump, D. (2004). Lay Organizations. Springer. ISBN 978-0387211541. Bump, D. (1998). Algebraic Geometry. Globe Scientific. Bump, D., Friedberg, S., & Hoffstein, J. (1990). "non-vanishing theorems for L-functions of modular forms and their derivatives". Inventiones Mathematicae, 102(1), pp. 543–618. Bump, D., & Ginzburg, D. (1992). "Symmetric rectangular L-functions on GL(r)". Annals of Mathematics, 136(1), pp. 137–205.