Daniel Bautista

Daniel Bautista
Medal record
Men's Athletics
Representing  Mexico
Olympic Games
Gold medal - first place1976 Montreal20 km walk
Pan American Games
Gold medal - first place1975 Mexico City20 km walk
Gold medal - first place1979 San Juan20 km walk


Daniel Bautista (Daniel Bautista Rocha; given birth to August 4, 1952) is usually a previous Mexican monitor and field sportsman and Olympic champ. He was created in Un Salado, San Luis Potosí. In his relatively brief career, Bautista dominated the walk, around the track aswell as in street events. He received international interest in 1975 when he received the 20 km walk in the Pan-American Video games in his indigenous Mexico Town, which produced him among the most favorite for the Olympic video games the next year. On the 1976 Summer Olympic video games in Montreal he won the yellow metal before two East German athletes, Hans-Georg Reimann who won sterling silver, and defending Olympic champ Peter Frenkel who took bronze. Bautista was therefore dehydrated following the event that he previously to beverage ten cans of soda before he could make more than enough urine for the medication test that he previously to take. In the next years, Bautista established two ” new world ” record in the 20 kilometres, as well simply because getting the years best moments at other ranges. In 1977 and 1979 he earned the IAAF Globe Race Walking Glass in the 20 km walk. On the 1980 Summer season Olympic video games in Moscow he was disqualified 1800 meters from the final. He also began the 50 kilometres, but was forced to give up after 30 kilometres. From then on he finished his career.


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