Costas Andreou

Costas Andreou
Origin Athens, Greece
Genres Instrumental, ambient
Occupation(s)Musician, composer
Instruments fretless bass, electronics


Costas Andreou (Greek: Κώστας Ανδρέου) is a musician from Athens, Greece. He procedures the noises of fretless electrical bass instantly, creating multi-level soundscapes. The organic device sound is prepared with analog and digital results and looped instantly, using numerous live looping methods and customized hold off, opinions, tape and loop products. He offers collaborated with music artists, film and theatre directors, stars, dancers, visual performers, on-line applications designers and fresh media performers. His music is definitely open to preview and download on his site.

Music/sound design


Deirdre (William Butler Yeats) Youngsters Without God (

Film, documentaries

The Navigator In The Blowing wind Clementine Aerostat Devotion Southern Skies Second Of Torsion Kinetic Uptown Indirect Fireplace Easter Isle Netrino Second Of Torsion Kinetic Uptown Indirect Fireplace Bella Zero Relation Behind A Cloud Wall space Are Dance Acquisition Crimson Chamber Sophia Female Fantastic Festivals FROM THE Globe - Garma And Darwin Celebrations, Australia Fantastic Celebrations Of The Globe - Highland Gathering, Scotland Blue World II, Shark Diver Blue World II, Manatees And Dugongs Airborne

multimedia, audiovisual

Radioscopic Restless Range Geo


Solo albums

Blind Journeys In Ocean (2011) Dolphin Dreams (2006) Transpacific EP (2005)


Per Boysen & Costas Andreou - Nanetora (2008)