Claudia Albertario

Claudia Albertario
Born Claudia Albertario Rodr×­guez
(1977-05-16) May 16, 1977 (age 40)
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Occupation Actress
Modeling information
Height1.66 m (5 ft 5 â„2 in)


Claudia Albertario Rodríguez (Spanish pronunciation: [ˈklauðja alβerˈtaɾjo]; delivered May 16, 1977) can be an Argentine model, vedette and celebrity of theatre, tv and film. Her significant credits consist of Amigovios (1995), Como skillet caliente (1996), Montaña rusa, otra vuelta (1997), Chiquititas (1997–1999), Gasoleros (1998 and 1999), and Verano del ’98 (1998–2001). She also made an appearance on Dance on Ice all over the world.


Aquellas Cabareteras: 2014, micromusical, Miami Seaside, Florida, Microteatro Centro Cultural Español. Fiestisima: 2012-2013, Music Hall Teatral Marplatence movie theater season, occupied where mind firm with Fernando Ramirez, Charly, Estela Ventura, Sebastian Pol, and Mariana Petraca. Barbierísima: 2011-2012: She is at Barbieri's theatre present Barbierísima alongside Bravísima's dance vedettes, Andrea Estévez and Andrea Ghidone, the three getting the primary vedettes in the musical. Also in the present had been Carmen Barbieri, Zulma Faiad, Germán Krauss and Beto César as the largest statistics in the display. The musical keeps over 40 numbers. Shangay: 2011, Chacarerean theatre offered a different function, created, acted, and aimed by Jose Maria Muscari, probably one of the most eccentric directors; a modern black comedy. Solid: Jose Maria Muscari, Chunchuna Fillafañe, Nicolas Pauls, Claudia Albertario and Eunice Castro. Pasion: 2009-2010, two effective seasons of the sitcom starring German Kraus, Dario Lopilato, Stella Maris Lanzani, and Claudia Albertario. Solid: Andrea Esteves and Luli Drosdek. Compiled by Sergio Marcos. Una Familia Poco Regular: 2008, a humor of Gerardo Sofovich, Moria Casan starred alongside one of the biggest artists from the Argentina picture. Solid: Toti Ciliberto, Claudia Albertario, Moria Casan, Viviana Canosa, Miguel Jordan, Rolo Puente, Alvaro Navia and Juana Repetto. La Revista de San Luis: 2007, music hall. Solid: Gino Reni, Claudia ALbertario, and Marixa Balli. Mi tio sera el travieso: 2006, Mariano Iudica, Candilejas Theatre, Carlos Paz. Solid: Rolo Puente, Claudia Albertario, Mariano Iudica, Betina Capetillo, Victor Collino, and Tamara Paganini. Carlos Honor for Best Humor Actress. Un Pintor: 2005, humor with wit by Donald Churchill. Starring Alberto Martin, Claudia Albertario and Carolina Papaleo. Directed by Carlos Evaristo. La Sirenita: 2005, children's musical, nationwide tour. Claudia Albertatio. Un fondo puede esperar: 2004, nationwide tour, music hall. Solid: Nito Artaza, Claudia Albertario, and Maria Eugenia Rito. Vengo por un aviso: 2004, compiled by Marc Camoletti. Solid: Norma Pons, Rodolfo Ranni, Maria Fernanda Callejon, Claudia Albertario, Campi, Claudio Morgado, Laura Cymer and Eduardo Carrera. Theatre Astral and Country wide Tour. Directed by Carlos Evaristo. La corte suprema de la risa: 2003, Carlos Paz. Solid: Tristan, Yanina Zilly, Claudia Albertario, and Juan Acosta. Compiled by Camblor. Atrapados por la risa: 2002, music hall, choreography by Flavio Mendoza. Solid: Sergio Gonal, Claudia Albertario, Juan Acosta, and Flavio Mendoza. Theatre Carreras, Mar del Plata.


Albertario happens to be participating in the truth diving competition Superstar Splash!. Inconquistable corazón (1994) Amigovios (1995) Como skillet caliente (1996) Montaña rusa, otra vuelta (1997) Ricos con famosos (1997 - 1998) Chiquititas (1997 - 1999) Gasoleros (1998 - 1999) Muñeca brava (1998 - 1999) Verano del '98 (1998 - 2001) Teleshow internacional (2000) Primicias (2000) Un present creativo (2000) Delirium Tremens (2000) La movida del verano (2000) Fiesta de la Reina del Mar (2000) Poné a Francella (2001 - 2002) Franstrack (2003) Los machos (2004) Pensionados (2004) La niñperiod (2004) Los Roldán (2005) Casados con hijos (2005-2006) Quien ha sido un jefe (2005) Decisiones (USA) (2006) Amas de casa desesperadas (Mexico) (2007) Amor mío (Mexico) (2007) No hay dos sin tres (2007) Bailando por el sueño (2007) Patinando por el sueño (2007) Socias (2008) Valentino un argentino (2008) Patinando por el sueño (2008) Cantando por el sueño (2012) Intrusos en la televisión (Chile) (2012) En Portada (Chile) (2012) Alfombra Roja (Chile) (2012) Sin Dios ni past due (Chile) (2012) Superstar Splash (2013) Sres. Papis (2014)