Chyi Chin

Chyi Chin
Chinese name 齊秦 (traditional)
Chinese name 齐秦 (simplified)
Pinyin Q×­ Q×­n (Mandarin)
Pe̍h-ōe-jī Chת Ch׮n (Hokkien)
Born (1960-01-12) 12 January 1960 (age 57)
Taichung, Taiwan
Occupation Singer, songwriter
Instrument(s) Guitar, electric bass
Label(s) Reds Music Studio, Sony Music
Years active1981-2002, 2010-present
Spouse(s)Sun Li Ya (m. 2010)
Partner(s) Joey Wong (1987-1993;1995-2002)
ChildrenBonnie Chyi
(b. March 25, 2011)


Chyi Chin (traditional Chinese language: 齊秦; simplified Chinese language: 齐秦; pinyin: Qí Qín; delivered January 12, 1960 in Taichung, Taiwan) is certainly a Taiwanese vocalist and songwriter.

Early life

When he was young, his dad had a strict daily routine of research that started at 5 am. His research varied from British music and books to classical Chinese language books and Tang Dynasty poetry. Chyi, nevertheless, did not appreciate reading. When he became an adolescent, his father's drive for education triggered a strain on the relationship. Chyi became a member of an area gang in defiance of his dad, and got in prison for 3 years due to his decision. During his incarceration, Chyi Chin discovered to become introspective and held a journal. While in jail, he gained an understanding for music. The jail had a electric guitar in the courtyard for the "juvenile delinquents’" entertainment, and Chyi trained himself how exactly to play onto it.After his release, Chyi Chin and his older sister, Chyi Yu, often sang jointly in the home, but his father again positioned him in home detention for the year. Chyi Yu, at that time already a well-known singer, provided Chin his begin in the field. Whenever she performed "The Olive Tree" (橄


Chyi started his formal profession in 1981 along with his first record titled See her Slide Away Again (又見溜溜的她). Which produced him very popular and afterwards that calendar year he released the smash strike "Wolf" in 1985 and exposed Rainbow Studios.Chyi groupings his music profession into two intervals: the "wolf period" (pre-1992) as well as the "deer period" (after he changed into Buddhism in 1992). He qualities the game titles of both intervals to "Wolf", the strike one he released in 1985, and a poem a fortune-teller informed him. "The deer bleated/carefully to the hunter’s rifle muzzle it strolled/carefully it toppled/still, with soft eyes on the hunter it gazed." ("鹿哨呦呦/ 溫柔地走近獵人的槍口/ 溫柔地倒下/ 依然用溫柔的眼神看

Personal life

Chyi Chin was also perfectly known for the partnership with Joey Wong, who is a best Taiwanese celebrity. Their romantic relationship lasted about 16 years, from 1985 to 2002. They separated and returned together three times, but separated once and for all in 2002 after a courtroom case and she remaining for Canada, right now they remain close friends.On March 2010, Chyi wedded his 27-year-old wife, Sunlight Li Ya, in NEVADA, U.S., and offered birth to an infant child, Bonnie in March 25, 2011.On Sept 1, 2011, Chyi was undergoing cupping therapy when the therapist accidentally spilled alcohol on his body, causing a fire. Chyi experienced burns up to his back again, face and upper body. Relating to a burns up expert, second-degree burns up damage the top of skin as well as the cells beneath even though they aren't life-threatening, scarring is usually unavoidable. Though Chyi's tone of voice was not broken, his engagements for another 2-3 months have been cancelled to permit him to extract.


Wolf Period works

又見溜溜的她 (1981) 狼的專輯 (1985) 出沒 (1986) 冬雨 (1987) 狼Ⅱ (1987) 棋王 (1987) 大約在冬季 (1987) 流浪思鄉 (1988) 紀念

Deer Period works


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