Chunyuan Liao


Dr. Chunyuan Liao may be the creator and CEO of HiScene, a respected Chinese Image Reputation and Augmented Actuality technology provider. He’s among the nationwide distinguished professionals in Chinese language government’s “The Thousands of Talents Program”. Chunyuan Liao received his B.S. and Ph.D. levels from Tsinghua College or university, China, and College or university of Maryland, University Recreation area, U.S. respectively. He provides over twenty years of knowledge in AR field.


Before founding HiScene, Dr. Liao was a study scientist at Fuji Xerox Palo Alto Lab in Silicon Valley, where he was granted significant accomplishment awards 3 x and ACM meeting awards twice because of his outstanding study in Augmented Fact. He offers over 40 magazines in globe leading publications and meetings and 14 USA patents. His study has become research good examples in graduate programs in globe’s leading Colleges including MIT, UC Berkeley, CMU and UBC.In the entire year of 2012, Chunyuan Liao founded HiScene, concentrating on AR technology and applications. HiScene offers released the 1st Chinese AR system that combines AR SDK and intelligent glasses, and continuously commits to advertising commercialization and globalization of AR technology in China.


HiScene can be an Artificial Cleverness company concentrating on AR primary technology and deep integration of equipment and software. It offers AR products at system level. HiScene not merely owns world-wide leading R&D accomplishments in the areas of Computer Eyesight, Human-Computer Relationship and Artificial Cleverness, but also offers broken world information for several moments in international authoritative techie evaluations.HiScene was founded in 2012, with headquarter situated in Shanghai and branches in Beijing, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Kunming and Silicon Valley.Counting on the self-developed primary algorithms, including picture recognition and monitoring, generic object monitoring, SLAM, encounter detection and location, etc., HiScene released China’s first Augmented Actuality developing system, HiAR SDK, and in the same season, HiScene released its AR smart glasses, HiAR Eyeglasses. In 2016, HiScene set up the entire AR item and service program, which integrated foundational technology, cloud program, smart terminal and articles platform.HiScene offers providers to many areas including Internet, Vehicle, Education, Manufacturing, Travel and leisure and Advertising. Our extraordinary program has attracted a huge selection of partnerships from different sectors and covered a lot more than 1 billion users.


2017 CES Asia Innovation Awards ChinaBang Awards - Annual AR Product Red Dot Award 2016 China International High-tech Good - Top 10 Popular Products Shanghai Top 10 Outstanding Industrial Design - Platinum Award Country wide 13th Five-Year Strategy Particular Project Intelligent Manufacturing Particular Project of Ministry of Industry and IT 2015 Country wide and Shanghai’s Recruitment System of Global Professional 2014 Business Innovation Fund of Ministry of Technology and Technology of China


1.HiAR fundamental technology platform Predicated on self-developed AR primary technology, deep marketing oriented towards marketplaceImage Acknowledgement and Monitoring, Real-time Space Belief(SLAM), Face Recognition and Positioning, Gesture Recognition Mix System and Terminal Steady and reliable in the problem of huge stream and high concurrence Version for more than 99% smart mobile phones Flexibly adjust algorithm variables according to devices functionality 2.HiAR cloud The steady and powerful HiAR Cloud provides users with could providers consisting of computation, items and data evaluation. * Mega (Support looking image directories at hundred-million level) * Fast (With millisecond response and cloud-local cross types algorithm, the swiftness is double higher) * Accurate (Precision rate is a lot more than 98%) * Comprehensive (Anti-jamming, anti-blocking, and anti-jitter) 3.HiAR eyeglasses Free of charge hands, empower individual Red Dot Prize 2017, CES Asia Invention Awards The easy all-in-one machine style frees hands perfectly. Make legitimate items with ingenuity, with quality aswell as beauty. The initial using Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor chip in the globe, with low power intake and powerful, brings about exciting AR knowledge with high immersion. It integrates several natural connections including tone of voice, gesture, head create tracking, physical contact, etc. It adopts free of charge curved optical waveguide projection program, with wide-angle and light-weight, built with 720P 1000nit Regular Description Highlight OLED Micro Screen, with triple lighting, and better visible impact. The built-in self-developed AR engine and 3D making engine have general upgrading focused towards AR, optimizing 3D visible experience continuously aswell as gaining actual understanding the world. It could adapt native Google android applications very easily and fulfill different development requirements friendly without extra development need. Open up tone of voice, gesture, SLAM and additional interfaces to create an AR ecosystem collectively. 4.Solutions Concentrate on AR items, focus on users, and provide professional solutions to clients. Interactive marketing systemHiAR SDK, 3D Making Engine, HiAR Cloud, HiAR Editor, Hello there AR Eyeglasses AR is exerting impact in the creative appearance of advertising. HiScene’s AR Interactive Advertising Program is certainly consumer-oriented, coupled with smart devices and AR innovative contents to supply maximum advertising beliefs for the brand, pass on the organization brand culture, improve the item knowledge and promote the product sales transformation of items. Trusted in: Internet, traditional companies and various types of brands Companions: QQ, Alipay, Suning, Autohome, OPPO, and KOHLER MagicLens Create and pass on tips through HISCENE AR web browser, MagicLens, without have to develop APP, and you may achieve AR advertising without any obstacles. AR APP Give a full selection of AR advertising item solutions including creativeness, development, manufacturing, pass on and other solutions, relating to users’ requirements. AR Customization. Embedding AR SDK of little volume and powerful into the unique APP can personal AR capability quickly. At exactly the same time, integrating AR Cloud services could pass on the brand even more flexibly. Huge circulation system Cooperate with HiScene, gain access to the AR system of very APPs like Alipay and cellular QQ, and acquire the best users stream support. AR eyeglasses AR advertising mode continues to be upgraded by using AR Eyeglasses, and has taken about more excellent AR experience. Wise education programHiAR SDK, HiAR Cloud, HiAR Eyeglasses The features of simulation and connection of AR technology help to make abstract and obscure understanding more vivid and intuitive. Its immersion encounter significantly enhances the vicarious connection with learning, in order to promote learning curiosity, lower educational costs and promote the popularization of “educational collateral”. Trusted in: preschool education, K12, advanced schooling, adult vocational education, etc. Companions: ZTE, SMG, Hebei Regular College or university, Taomee AR publication AR technology enhancements teaching components from plane also to holographic three-dimensional, improving the interest and extra worth of books. Linked to AR Cloud provider, it will broaden the items infinitely. AR lab AR technology is normally coupled with traditional tests, presenting the true experimental procedure, and visualizing the abstract principles like light, power, drive, magnetic field, cell, etc. AR sandbox Superimpose powerful virtual details on the true sandbox, present the powerful sandbox items three-dimensionally, and support several natural connections and multi-terminal remote control collaborative communication. Wise tourism programHiAR SDK, HiAR Cloud, HiAR Editor, MagicLens, HiAR Eyeglasses Smart travel and leisure is the development of future travel and leisure market. HiScene provides museums, scenic areas and exhibition halls with AR travel and leisure solutions integrating tour assistance, navigation and buying guidebook, which deeply integrates the organic scenery and historic culture from the visitor destination, optimizes the users’ tour encounter and promotes the building of smart travel and leisure scenic area. Trusted in:museum, exhibition hall, scenic region, travel and leisure town and travel and leisure peripheral products Companions:Jinglvtong, Destination English Columbia, Country wide Museum of China, Thirteen-hong Museum of Guangzhou Picture testoration AR technology can be rooked to replicate the historical moments, present the physical adjustments dynamically, and enrich the connotation of travel and leisure items of scenic areas, scenic areas and museums. Instruction and tour Supply the series item provider including AR tour, AR instruction, AR group image, AR interactive actions, etc. based on the demand of travel and leisure industry, in order to enhance travelers’ immersion and sensory knowledge. Tourism peripherals Open up AR providers like front-end APP and web page editor, support personalized AR peripheral items, and promote the integrated advancement of lifestyle and travel and leisure. Intelligent manufacturing alternativeHiAR SDK, HiAR Cloud, HiAR Eyeglasses In the foreseeable future, AR can be a significant productive force on the market. The commercial AR remedy from HiScene, deeply coupled with primary technologies such as for example AR eyeglasses and AR cloud, fulfills the demand of freeing hands in useful operation, which does apply to many commercial environments such as for example operation instruction, remote control maintenance and gear inspection. By from the existing gear, it could improve production effectiveness and decrease the corporations’ costs. Trusted in: preparation and design, schooling instructions, inspection and maintenance, procedure assistance, warehousing and transport, etc. Companions: Zoomlion, Fawjiefang, R&D institution of some industry Remote cooperation HiScene’s AR Intelligent Eyeglasses Remote Expert System makes a discovery in integrating remote control communication with AR, helping professionals to annotate diagnostic outcomes remotely. The real-time shared transmission of digital information between your front and back ends accomplishes effective remote cooperation. Inspection and maintenance Predicated on AR program associated with IOT tools, deeply integrate HiScene’s item technologies such as for example AR Eyeglasses and AR Cloud assistance, and provide the entire AR inspection procedure which frees hands completely, in order to improve function efficiency. Training instructions Create “AR digital trainers” everywhere to provide services in teaching instruction, training evaluation, procedure assistance and additional scenarios, to be able to accomplish commercial training training of visualization, situation and conversation. Intelligent protection (AR factory system) Docking MES and additional systems, AR Intelligent Protection provides services such as for example security training understanding anytime and anyplace, real-time analysis and caution of abnormity, and smart navigation of get away route. Intelligent developing assistance AR systems and services aid intelligent advertising comprehensively, that are trusted in preparing and design, creation standard administration, warehousing and transport, remote production meeting and many additional scenarios.


QQ, Alipay, Autohome, Suning, SAP, Letv, Meitu, Hebei Regular College or university, Thundersoft, DJI, China Portable, Lenovo, OPPO, Pingan, Qualcomm, ZTE, Zoomlion, Samsung, 360, Fawjiefang, Jinglvtong, Destination Uk Columbia, Country wide Museum of China, Thirteen-hong Museum of Guangzhou, SMG, Taomee, KOHLER, Roobo

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