Christopher Blenkinsop


Christopher Blenkinsop (given birth to 7 March 1963) can be an English-German article writer, composer, musician and maker, and an associate of the music group 17 Hippies.

Given birth to in Manila (Philippines) for an British mom and German dad, Blenkinsop led a nomadic presence throughout his child years surviving in Cairo, Teheran, Singapore, Jakarta, before his family members finally settled in after that Western Germany in the past due 1970s, where he finished senior high school.As an associate of a music family, Blenkinsop was presented with classical music teaching from a age. Nevertheless, when his mom passed away when he was 14, he "halted all traditional music ... allow [his] hair develop long and began playing bass in rock and roll bands." However, his solid musical foundation designed that he discovered he could play other devices with ease therefore became a favorite stand in musician for rings."People would frequently say, 'You sit along with this music group and play whatever is needed'. I performed clarinet in a single music group, accordion in another. I performed inside a pick-up music group for US performers touring in European countries - we do acoustic or electrical set-ups where I performed acoustic guitar, or bass or piano."He's a composer for theater and film music, and presently co-founder and music head from the Berlin-based music group 17 Hippies. Blenkinsop presently lives in Berlin, Germany.He's a grandnephew of Arthur Blenkinsop.