Carol Buckley

Carol Buckley
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Buckley and Winkie, 2004
Born(1954-05-18) May 18, 1954 (age 63)
Oakland, California, US
EducationExotic Animal Training & Management Program, 1974 Moorpark College, California
OccupationElephant Welfare Consultant
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Carol Buckley (given birth to Might 18, 1954) can be an American pet trainer, focusing on the injury recovery and on-going physical treatment of captive elephants. This year 2010, Buckley founded Tennessee-based Elephant Aid International, and began consulting world-wide to help enhance the lives of captive elephants and their mahouts.


While students at Moorpark College in 1974, Buckley noticed an infant elephant, Fluffy, a local wheel dealer had bought to advertise his wares. Buckley volunteered to give food to and look after the elephant, and a yr later, lent $25,000, bought Fluffy, transformed her name to Tarra, and founded Tarra Productions.


Tarra Productions

By 1980, when Tarra was 6 years of age and a playful pre-adolescent elephant, Buckley taught Tarra to roller skate. Because of their initial 15 years jointly, Buckley resided with, looked after, trained, carried and performed with Tarra in circuses and zoos in america and Canada.In 1984 Buckley began convinced that the life span she had chosen for Tarra amounted to animal abuse, and begun to visit a better life for Tarra in a number of zoos and animal parks where she worked and consulted, however the animal appeared to be tired in confinement. In the long run, Buckley began searching for another choice.In November 1994, Buckley, using a mortgage, bought 112 acres in Hohenwald, Tennessee. Buckley constructed a barn for Tarra and co-founded the Elephant Sanctuary (Hohenwald) in Tennessee, the initial organic habitat refuge for unwell, outdated and needy elephants. Today, the Elephant Sanctuary (Hohenwald) is certainly 2,700 acres (1,100 ha), casing African and Asian elephants in 3 separate areas with four barns, enclosed by 20 kilometers (32 kilometres) of fencing.

Elephant Aid International

This year 2010, Buckley founded Elephant Aid International.Because the founding of EAI, Buckley has spent weeks every year in Nepal, India, Thailand and Sri Lanka consulting on and providing elephant foot care, target training and Compassionate Elephant Management (CEM) for elephants and their mahouts, and, creating solar powered chain free corrals to get functioning elephants in Asia off chains. Elephant Refuge THE UNITED STATES (ERNA) in Attapulgus, GAWith knowledge gained from finding, creating, building and directing The Elephant Sanctuary (Hohenwald), aswell as the data gained from focus on 'Chain Free Means Discomfort Free' tasks and other elephant welfare tasks in Asia, Buckley created Elephant Refuge THE UNITED STATES (ERNA) in 2016. The brand new Elephant Refuge in THE UNITED STATES is situated in Attapulgus, Georgia several mls north of Tallahassee Florida. Buckley decided to go with this site since it provides elephants 850 acres of varieties appropriate habitat to wander and explore night and day, including pastures, forests, lakes, around 50 ins rainfall all year round, slight winters, sizzling humid summers. Furthermore the site provides live internet cams for folks to observe organic elephant behaviour instantly, and a global intern/education center.

Selected works


2002 – Moves with Tarra, Tilbury Home Publishers, January, ISBN 978-0-88448-241-3. 2006 – Simply for Elephants Tilbury Home Web publishers, November, ISBN 978-0-88448-283-3. 2009 – Tarra & Bella: The Elephant and Pet dog who became close friends, Putnam Juvenile, ISBN 978-0-399-25443-7. The storyplot of the elephant and a puppy and their connection. This tale was broadcast on CBS Information, and then highlighted on newscasts and websites all over the world.

Awards and honors

1998 – Time for Kids "Heroes for the earth" 2012 – TARRA and BELLA chosen to represent the state of Tennessee in the 12th Annual National Book Festival in Washington, D.C. Sept 22–23.