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Caio Kraiser Blinder (São Paulo, 1957) is a Brazilian journalist, article writer and Television presenter. Blinder lives in NJ, from where he hosts GNT’s Manhattan Connection since its inception in 1993. He’s also a correspondent for Brazilian radio Jovem Skillet, writes for the paper Diário de Not reallyícias as well as for the Brazilian journals Exame and Primeira Leitura. He provides master’s levels in Latin American research from Ohio College or university and International Relationships from Notre Dame College or university. He trained International Relationships at Indiana College or university and was a correspondent for Brazilian paper Folha de S.Paulo. Blinder originates from a Jewish family members and lives along with his daughters Ana and Aiza and his wife Alma, of Philippine roots. In his youngsters, he took component in the Jewish youngsters motion Chazit Hanoar, linked to the Congregação Israelita Paulista. He wrote the reserve Terras Prometidas (Promised Lands), where he reflects about the existing condition from the Jewish religion.


Offenses to Arab women

On Apr 2011, throughout a broadcast from the display Manhattan Connection, he called Queen Noor of Jordan and Queen Rania of Jordan, on ambassador towards the US and both wives of Ruler of Jordan Abdullah II of Jordan a "slut". He also utilized the word to explain among the daughters-in-law of Hosni Mubarak, previous Leader of Egypt, aswell as Asma al-Assad, wife of Leader of Syria Bashar al-Assad and Ameera al-Taweel, ex-wife of Al-Waleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia. As a reply, the Embassy of Jordan in Brazil delivered a formal protest towards the Brazilian Ministry of Foreign Relationships. After Blinder's display, present editor-in-chief Lucas Mendes apologized for the offenses. Blinder afterwards assumed his mistake within an interview and apologized on surroundings.

Defense of the assassination of Iranian scientists

In January 2012, in Manhattan Connection program, Caio Blinder justified the assassination of Iranian scientists in an effort to avoid feasible death, also to deter various other scientists from Iran, which he called "terrorist state". Blinder also produced jokes about the loss of life of scientist Mustafa Ahmadi Roshan, 32, who was simply killed within a bombing in Tehran unclear that month.

Biased judgment

The journalist being asked by co-journalist Igor Fuser, on the actual fact of death of 5 Americans inside a train car become more important compared to the deaths of a large number of Bengalis inside a flood, he said: "1 American killed = 10,000 deceased Indian."

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