Byron W. Bender


Byron W. Bender (created August 14, 1929) can be an emeritus teacher of linguistics on the School of Hawaiʻwe focusing on Micronesian languages, mainly Marshallese, and Oceanic dialects even more generally. He became a member of the Section of Linguistics in 1965, portion as its seat (1969–1995) so that as editor of its journal Oceanic Linguistics (1991–2007). He also offered the School as leader of its faculty union (1983–1988) so that as a member from the Plank of Regents (2003–present). Blessed in Roaring Springtime, Pa, Bender received a B.A. in British from Goshen University in Indiana in 1949, and an M.A. in linguistics from Indiana School in 1950. After spending 1953–1959 teaching in the Marshall Islands in that which was then your Trust Territory from the Pacific Islands under U.S. administration, he came back to instruct linguistics and anthropology at Goshen University in 1960–1962 before completing a Ph.D. in linguistics from Indiana School in 1963. His dissertation examined Marshallese place brands. In 1962–1964, he offered as English Plan Supervisor for the Trust Place, then taught British at the School of Hawaiʻi before signing up for the Section of Linguistics.