Bruno Carmeni

Bruno Carmeni
Bruno Carmeni 8 Dan rid.jpg
Born(1940-12-29) December 29, 1940 (age 76)
Beirut, Lebanon
NationalityItaly Italian
Height5 ft 7 in (1.70 m)
Weight178 lb (81 kg; 12.7 st)
Rank     black belt 8th Dan
Years active60


Bruno Carmeni (given birth to Dec 29, 1940 in Beirut, Lebanon) can be an Italian judoka, who all started schooling judo in 1955.

Early life

At age fifteen (1955) some friends asked him to come quickly to judo with them. This is one way he started in the golf club of Fiamma Yamato situated in via Corvieri in Rome (Italy). He previously several experts among which Vittorio Porceddu, Elio Paci, Vinicio Volpi and finally Noritomo Ken Otani. Because of the second option he was launched to a judo type much nearer to the initial Japanese one, permitting him to excellence his judo methods. Because of the skill of the master he discovers to understand the word Do, just how, which allows him to attain several goals. Currently in 1960 he offers his first outcomes by earning the metallic medal in the Italian Championships for blue and brownish belts, permitting him to open up the doors to be able to enter the Italian Country wide Squad. In the same yr he gets his dark belt 1st dan. He is constantly on the earn at many Country wide and Regional Competitions and is observed by the Federal government Sports activities Director, who phone calls him to take part at many trainings from the Country wide Group. In 1961 he gets into as voluntary the authorities at the Sports activities Center from the Fiamme Oro (Yellow metal Flame, State Law enforcement) and it is delivered to the Sports activities Middle of Nettuno. Right here he perfections in addition his judo methods, because of the contribution of professional Otani which enables him to earn the initial Italian Name in the up to 68 kg fat division in Perugia. In the evening from the same time he is victorious also the Sterling silver medal on view weight department. Another six Country wide Titles follow following this first-time in Perugia.


He's 21 times person in the Italian Country wide Group and participates in 8 Western european Championships. In 1963 he is victorious the Sterling silver Medal on the Western european Championships in Geneva (Switzerland), getting the initial Italian light-weight in Italian’s judo background to attain this objective. The Italian Country wide Olympic Committee provides him towards the set of “Possible Olympians” for the 1964 Tokyo Olympics. He participates as of this first-time judo event on the Olympic Video games along with Nicola Tempesta (the just two Italians who participated in judo). Following the competition on the Olympics he turns into a member from the group "Remaining Globe”, touring Japan to fight Japanese groups in Tokyo, Tenri, Nagoya, Yokohama, and Fukuoka, where he areas first. Because of assistance from get good at Ken Otani he gets a scholarship or grant to enter the College or university of Tenri (Nara). He continues to be in Japan for just two years learning judo and japan language, obtaining a diploma in the last mentioned. During his stay there he has already established the opportunity to research under several excellent experts among which Ken Otani (9th dan), Kotani (10th dan), Ebii (9th dan), Matsumoto (9th dan), Daigo (9th dan), Osawa (8th dan) and Hashimoto (8th dan). He comes back to Italy in 1966, where he wins various other National Titles and many gold and bronze medals; altogether he participates at 44 Country wide Championships.


In 1970 he quits with competitions and becomes 1st the trainer from the Junior Country wide Group and then from the Senior Group, accompanied by the University Group as well as the Country wide Visually Impaired one, owned by the Country wide Blind Sports activities Federation (FICS), later on called Italian Federation of Handicapped Sport (FISD). Later on he turns into the Country wide Sports Director from the later on. In 1971 the Italian Country wide Judo Academy is usually founded, which he's the first instructor. He's elected towards the Council from the Complex Teachers Order from the Federation and from then on is component of many Country wide Techie Commissions to be able to define the specialized applications for grading and certification and in addition for teaching.

International career

In 1987 he's nominated Chairman for Judo inside the International Blind Sport Association (IBSA), position, that he keeps for five Olympic four years periods. He turns into also person in the International Paralympic Committee. He travels the globe for conferences, specialized and pedagogical upgrading courses. He provides contacts and conferences using the International Judo Federation as well as the Continental Judo Unions, where he promotes the reason for the Aesthetically Impaired Athletes beneath the slogan “impairment maximum capability”. He's Techie Delegate at the next Paralympic Video games: Seoul (1988), Barcelona (1992), Atlanta (1996), Sydney (2000), Athens (2004) and VIP Visitor at Beijing (2008)and London (2012). He's Movie director at 11 Globe Championships, 13 Europeans and 2 Asian Video games. He receives many Country wide and International honours among which: Knight towards the Merit from the Italian Republic, Silver Star from the Country wide Italian Olympic Committee, Silver Star from the Olympic Committee from the Russian Confederation as initial foreigner honored by such award, Ambassador of USA Judo, honours in the Olympic Committees of Algeria, China and Libya. He receives the International Cultural and Sport Lions Membership award, the Bronze Medal in the International Judo Federation as well as the Honors Medal in the Italian Country wide Judo Federation (FIJLKAM). He's Well-deserving and International Referee, Well-deserving Professional. He receives a particular motion in the University of Fighting with each other Arts, the Yong In School Korea. In 2006 the FIJLKAM Chairman honours him using the 8th dan, one of the best recognitions both Country wide and International. He writes many specialized books, which cope with judo teaching options for children, grading systems, judo’s pedagogy and mindset, judo’s tradition, the kata, sensorial handicapped sports athletes and their integration because of the practice of judo. His books have already been translated into British, Spanish, Arabic, Braille and described all over the globe. In 2007 he's nominated technical advisor of the Aesthetically Impaired Chinese Country wide Judo Group for the Beijing 2008 Paralympics. Because of the exceptional teaching method and only the members from the American Law enforcement, he's nominated Honor Person in the New Shirt Law enforcement (USA) In the Judo Globe Championships, which occurred in São Paulo (Brazil) in June 2007 he earned two Metallic medals (pounds division and open up).He teaches and it is Sport Movie director from the ASD Judo Golf club Conegliano, Treviso (Italy).Through the entire years he has maintained his strong relationship to Japan and since 2006 he continues to be regularly a few times a year right now there. This year 2010 the theory to open up a Japanese Cultural Middle in the Judo Golf club Conegliano, thus advertising activities such as for example Japanese Language, Ikebana, Taiko and even more. In 2012 he gets to an agreement using the Judo Headquarter in Tenri getting Tenri Judo Conegliano.