Børge Petersen-Øverleir

B׸rge Petersen-טverleir
Born (1967-02-03) 3 February 1967 (age 50)
Hemnesberget, Nordland
GenresJazz, rock, pop music


Børge Petersen-Øverleir (given birth to 3 Feb 1967 in Hemnesberget, Norway) is a Norwegian guitarist, raised in Bergen and Bodø, early dynamic in heavy rock and roll, autodidact in jazz centered around in Bodø.

Petersen-Øverleir provides collaborated on many recordings, including with Jan Gunnar Hoff, Henning Gravrok and Tore Johansen, aswell such as trio with Tore Johansen and Arild Andersen.Other cooperation continues to be in records and tours with Anita Skorgan, Kari Bremnes, Bjørn Eidsvåg, Halvdan Sivertsen, Søyr, Karoline Krüger, Ketil Bjørnstad, Kine Hellebust, Maria Solheim and Jørn Hoel, amongst others.He in addition has been record manufacturer for Eva Trones' produces of Terje Nilsens produces of children music.


Solo album

2007: Tracks From My Room (Songsfrommyroomrecords)


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