Ben M. Baglio


Ben M. Baglio (created 1960 in NY), produced the brief for just two group of children’s books – Dolphin Diaries and Pet Ark. Dolphin Diaries includes a woman and her family members from Florida, who travel all over the world as sea biologists and research dolphins. Pet Ark features two kids who interact to help pets and resolve animal-related mysteries. The books had been compiled by commissioned authors in the united kingdom under Baglio’s teaching and released using the pseudonym Lucy Daniels in the united kingdom. Each author is known as having a ‘Unique Thanks’ within the copyright web page – observe Dolphin in the Deep copyright web page for a good example. In america the books are released beneath the name of Ben M. Baglio which means this name is definitely effectively both a guy created in 1960 as well as the collective pseudonym for the band of authors who create the books. Using his real name he also published the book series YOUR PET Finders Club, having a band of three children who seek out people’s dropped pets.

Dolphin Diaries

In Dolphin Diaries, a woman named Jody McGrath discovers and befriends an agreeable Bottlenose Dolphin whom she titles Apollo. He's a lone dolphin and Jody united him to his "fresh" pod, and comes after her for some time through the series. As the storyplot proceeds, she matches others on the way. She befriends many fresh people and dolphins.Additional characters in Dolphin Diaries are Brittany Pierce, Captain Pierce, Cameron Tucker, the tutor Maddie, her twin brothers Sean and Jimmy, her mother Gina who's Italian, and her dad Craig who's Irish.

List of books

In to the Blue (compiled by Ben M. Baglio) Coming in contact with the waves (compiled by Lisa Tuttle)' Using the Surprise (compiled by Lisa Tuttle)' Beneath the Celebrities (compiled by Lisa Tuttle)' Chasing the Fantasy (compiled by Lisa Tuttle)' Race the Blowing wind (compiled by Lisa Tuttle)' Departing the Shallows Beyond the Sunrise Following a Rainbow (compiled by Lisa Tuttle)' Dance the Seas (compiled by Lisa Tuttle)'

The Pet Finders Club

In YOUR PET Finders Club, a woman named Andie Talbot has moved to Radcliffe, Lancaster, from Tx. She's a Jack port Russell Terrier called Friend, who escapes from the home throughout a thunderstorm and gets dropped. While looking for him, Andie befriends Tristan Saunders, a red-haired young man who includes a long-lost kitty called Lucy, and he assists her look. In addition they manage to look for a dropped Dark Labrador, which belongs to fashion-conscious Natalie Lewis, as well as the three of these form YOUR PET Finders Golf club after Buddy is available. Together they locate lots of lacking pets, as well as lacking owners. There is certainly a good burglary at their regional pet store, Paws for Idea, which is possessed by Tristan's mum's cousin, Christine Wilson.

List of books

Come Back, Pal! Max can be Missing Searching for Lola Rescuing Raisin YOUR DOG WITHOUT Name Looking for Sunlight Disappearing Desert Kittens Dachshund in peril Runaway Rascal Help Honey

Animal Ark

In Pet Ark, Mandy Wish and her friend Adam Hunter help helpless and injured animals through the entire series, and occasionally she helps perished animals on the "mission". Her parents, Adam and Emily Wish, are vets in Pet Ark (the veterinary practice that provides the series its name), which will come in handy in assisting the pets she results in. Mandy provides three rabbits, Flopsy, Mopsy, and Cottontail. She actually is definite that she'll become a veterinarian and help unwell animals in want. Other individuals are Simon, a fellow nurse, and Jean Knox, the receptionist. Gleam black Labrador called "Blackie" that belongs to Mandy's friend and behaves extremely manic, and in addition sometimes continues on the travels. Mandy finds that lots of people are in fact very keen on animals and also have a center of silver. When she isn't dealing with animals, she actually is assisting her parents using their work.

Jess the Border Collie

In Jess the Boundary Collie, 11-year-old Jenny Kilometers lives on her behalf family's farm, Windy Hill, which really is a functioning sheep farm, without room for household pets. When among her father's newborn pups are born having a poor lower leg, it's up to Jenny to convince her father that the pup, whom she titles Jess, will probably be worth conserving. Soon, Jess is normally producing himself useful, assisting Jenny, assisting the plantation, and assisting the neighbours. The Entrance THE TASK The Runaway The Betrayal The Sacrifice The Homecoming The Breakthrough The Present The Promise

Other books

Baglio in addition has contributed one name, The Initial Olympics, towards the Choose Your Own Experience gamebook series. Baglio also composed the Horseshoe Trilogies as well as the Nine Lives Trilogy.