Arthur Buchardt


Arthur Buchardt (given birth to 15 June 1948), is a Norwegian buyer who have mainly invests in resort projects. He continues to be wedded to Wenche Myhre. In 1948, Buchardt was created in Drammen, however he spent nearly all his years as a child and grew up in Nesodden and in Brumunddal. He visited school on the Norwegian College of Management and finally graduated. Buchardt continues to be married twice, one of is own relationships was to Wenche Myhre; it lasted four years. Beginning in 1989, Buchardt’s efforts to the resort real estate business was mainly limited by design and purchase. In 1994, Buchardt got finished a resort in Lillehammer that became immensely essential for the lodging requirements from the Olympic vacationers. He now has a real property investment company along with his boy, Anders Buchardt, known as AB Invest.