Ansar Burney

Ansar Burney
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Ansar Burney
Born(1956-08-14)14 August 1956
Karachi, Pakistan
CitizenshipPakistan Pakistani
OccupationHuman Rights Activist


Ansar Burney (Urdu: انصار برنی‎; blessed 14 August 1956) is normally a respected Pakistani individual and civil privileges activist. He graduated with of Experts and Law level from Karachi School and may be the honorary receiver of a PhD. in School of thought. He is broadly credited being the initial man to present the idea of individual privileges in Pakistan almost 30 years back.

Early life

Ansar Burney was created in 14 August 1956 in Karachi, Pakistan. He's the son from the past due Syed Mukhtar Ahmed Burney. He graduated using a Masters of Laws level from Karachi School and was the honorary receiver of a PhD. in School of thought from Sri Lanka.Burney was a prominent pupil leader using the People’s Pupil Federation in his youth, through the 1970s, and was recognized to speak out for justice, individual dignity, and civil privileges. His initiatives in the motion landed him in big trouble with the armed forces government of that time period, and in 1977, at age group 20, he was imprisoned on fees of providing pro-democracy speeches against martial laws and was sentenced to eight a few months rigorous imprisonment with the Martial Laws Courtroom. On his discharge in 1978, the Martial Laws Authorities once more imprisoned him and sentenced him to jail for an additional 8 weeks. In 1979, Burney was imprisoned for the third period and detained for per month.During his detention in various Pakistani prisons, Burney observed, firsthand, the deplorable conditions and fulfilled numerous prisoners who was simply imprisoned having dedicated no crime nor having been billed. Some have been in detention for over 40 years without ever showing up in court.On his discharge, as well as the completion of his laws degree in 1980, Burney create the Prisoners Aid Society as well as the Bureau of Missing and Kidnapped Children in Karachi (Pakistan). He ultimately produced Ansar Burney Trust International with offices in Karachi, Islamabad, Peshawar, Mirpur, Quetta, Washington D.C., and London.The Ansar Burney Trust is a nongovernmental, nonpolitical, and non-profit organisation which initially worked for the welfare of prisoners, reforms in prisons and mental asylums, also to trace missing and kidnapped children. Nevertheless, it afterwards widened its range to cover every area of human privileges and proved helpful against individual trafficking.

Positions held

Chairman: Ansar Burney Trust International

Founded initially in 1980 as the Prisoners Help Society as well as the Bureau of Missing and Kidnapped Children by Burney in the Pakistani port city of Karachi, the Ansar Burney Trust International (since it is currently known) was the 1st Pakistani organization to battle for the idea of human legal rights in Pakistan.Having a mission to are a nonpolitical, nongovernmental, and non-profitable organization, it started its fight all types of injustices, cruel inhuman and degrading treatment, child abuse, cruelty to women, and other more subtle types of human and civil rights violations without the discrimination or affiliation.The Trust is a network of human being rights organisations and volunteers attempting to deliver justice, better treatment of humans, as well as for the rights and freedoms of civil liberty. It functions to raise recognition, provide free legal services. and solutions and humanitarian assistance where required.It's been involved in getting reforms to law enforcement channels, prisons, and mental organizations, and worked for the help, advice, release, treatment, and welfare of illegally and unlawfully detained prisoners and mental individuals. It also functions for the treatment and welfare from the groups of these victims on humanitarian grounds in the higher curiosity of justice and mankind without the affiliation or thought for any politics party, group or activity.The Trust has produced stable progress in achieving its goals and has started several centers for various projects in Pakistan and overseas. In addition, it publishes notifications and human privileges reports to pass on awareness of problems and to motivate more people to be involved.

Federal Minister for Human Rights (Pakistan)

On 16 November 2007, Burney was sworn in as Pakistan's caretaker federal government minister for the recently established Human being Rights ministry. He was responsible for creating the ministry, creatiing a nationwide commission on human being privileges, and overseeing the overall elections in Pakistan.During his term like a federal minister, Burney went to 25 prisons and mental asylums throughout Pakistan, leading to the discharge of several hundred innocent persons including children as young as seven. He also forced for even more reforms to prisons, authorities managed orphanages, and shelter homes for ladies.

Expert advisor to the United Nations Human Rights Council

On 27 March 2008, Ansar Burney was elected for any term of 3 years as an associate of the US Human Privileges Council Advisory Committee and because of "his recognized encounter in neuro-scientific human legal rights and acknowledged competence and impartiality, Burney received wide support from all regional sets of the Council."

Humanitarian activities

Prison reforms and prisoner rights

Burney spent some time working for the reason for justice for more than three years and has prevailed in securing the discharge of about 700,000 confined individuals from various sites all over the world. As such, he's perhaps most widely known for his function for the discharge of illegally or wrongfully limited persons. These possess included individuals locked up for over 45 years on fake costs or those limited in mental organizations even though they may be perfectly sane.Having been imprisoned himself, Burney observed the conditions where prisoners had been living and go about immediately to greatly help them. He started at many prisons and mental organizations in Pakistan searching for individuals limited on false costs, locked away at no cost or persons who was simply framed. He also started to speak out for reforms in Prisons and Mental Organizations; and for that reason, he has produced great progress during the last three decades.Through surprise inspections and by having associates in prisons and mental institutions, the Ansar Burney Trust monitors to make sure that zero prisoner or individual is abused. They have effectively lobbied for better living circumstances and food, independent prisons for women and men, education and teaching for prisoners. They have eliminate the shackling of mental individuals and kids in stores and has effectively were able to end the practice of jailed ladies having a baby in prison.The Trust arranges parties and entertainment for prisoners and patients. Because of the lobbying and donations, better medical products and staff are actually employed in prisons and organizations - providing better medical services to prisoners and specifically patients. Mental sufferers locked in jail due of insufficient space in clinics are repaid for better treatment. Females prisoners and sufferers who would have got given delivery in confinement, with just each other to assist, are now beneath the guidance of feminine nurses after Burney elevated this matter using the Perfect Minister of Pakistan.The Trust's staff have met with female prisoners and patients to research charges of sexual abuse resulting in a decrease in prison rapes. It lobbied effectively to ban feminine prisoners being handled by male personnel.Non-Muslim prisoners, struggling to perform their spiritual duties before, are actually provided what they want to be able to practice their faith. In the month of Ramadan, non-Muslim prisoners are actually provided meals for with the Trust therefore they aren't compelled to fast.The Trust has appointed 84 people in a variety of jails and mental asylums to deal with mental patients and prisoners.One of it is achievements over time continues to be the assortment of data on Pakistani prisoners confined in various jails all over the world thanks. The Trust provides legal services and services to numerous such people and arranges because of their repatriation when released.Likewise the Trust in addition has been able to get the release of several foreign nationals from Pakistani jails and came back them with their respective real estate countries in the Trust's expense.

Prominent cases

Burney continues to be mixed up in release of a large number of prisoners from prisons around the world. Listed below are a few of the most prominent instances he previously been involved with during his preliminary years as the top from the Prisoners Aid Culture. 1985 - Syed Muzaffar Ali ShahSyed Muzaffar Ali Shah was caught beneath the Lunacy Act thirty-seven years previous when he visited a police station to lodge a burglary record. He was detained without ever becoming charged or shown before a courtroom. He was finally released following the efforts from the Prisoners Aid Culture. 1987 - Mehar DinArrested by police force at age twenty on costs of murder because he previously the same name as the individual they were searching for, Meher Din spent another four years behind bars until he was acquitted. Instead of released, he was re-arrested on another murder charge and spent another seventeen years behind pubs without ever showing up in courtroom. He was ultimately used in a mental asylum within a jail and got no connection with his family members for 21 years. He premiered after he was found out by Ansar Burney from the Prisoners Aid Culture. 1987 – MukhtarMukhtar, was arrested within an attempted murder case in 1952 in Kohat and was sentenced to seven years hard labour. After a year-and-a- fifty percent in the D. I. Khan Prison, he was delivered to the Peshawar Prison, where he continued to be for another eighteen years without having to be billed with any criminal offense. Finally in 1970, when somebody noticed his continuing incarceration, he premiered but was rearrested in Karachi where he continued to be until 1987 when he was found out by Ansar Burney who required this matter towards the Sindh Large Courtroom and he was finally released. Mukhtar experienced spent a complete of thirty-five years in prison. 1988 - Mohammed AkhtarA lady prisoner was delivered to jail in 1946 where she was raped and gave delivery to Mohammed Akhter in 1948. The mom then passed away when Akhter was five years of age. With no someone to state him, he spent forty many years of his existence in the same jail, never departing its premises. He was noticed by Ansar Burney throughout a trip to the jail and released. 1991 – Name unfamiliarA woman, whose name was by no means known, was arrested in 1936 at age fifteen for upsetting the Uk Viceroy at that time. Without the charge or ever becoming offered before a courtroom, she continued to be in jail for another fifty-five years, getting deaf and dumb. She premiered at age group 70 just after she was uncovered by Burney who used her circumstance with Sindh Governor, Justice (ret'd) Fakhruddin G. Ebrahim, who purchased her immediate discharge. 1992 - Ghulam FatimaA witness towards the murder of her hubby through the Muslim-Hindu riots of 1947, Ghulam Fatima shed her mental stability and was arrested by the authorities for loitering and delivered to Lahore Mental Jail where she remained for another forty-five years. She was uncovered by Burney throughout a visit to the asylum and released.

Lobbying against death penalty in Pakistan

For quite some time, like a human rights attorney and expert around the Pakistani legal program, and well alert to its flaws, Burney has appealed to both Pakistani Supreme Court and different presidents of Pakistan to commute the death phrase of most condemned prisoners alive imprisonment.Due to investigations by Burney and his company, many condemned to loss of life in Pakistan are actually possibly innocent victims of false testimonies or conditions, or right now mentally and physically handicapped because of the decades-long confinement in harsh and inhumane circumstances within Pakistani prisons.In 2012, as the result of Burney’s petitions, former Chief executive of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari instructed numerous branches from the Pakistani authorities to supply advice on the chance of converting all loss of life phrases in Pakistan into life imprisonment. The chief executive remained or postponed executions for just two years.However, following 2014 Peshawar school massacre, Pakistan raised a moratorium in death charges. It must be noted the fact that moratorium had not been set up due to Burney's activities though he could have got affected that previous decision.

Anti human trafficking, false imprisonment and slavery

Burney can be an internationally recognised campaigner against human being trafficking and slavery, and continues to be functioning against such methods in Pakistan, the center East, and Africa for just two decades. Throughout that period, with the help of various government authorities and regulators, his Trust offers secured the discharge of a large number of people from fake imprisonment and slavery around the world, including girls bought from the sex trade and small children useful for slavery. In 2005, the Trust was mixed up in launch and repatriation of 13,967 victims from the center East alone.

Prominent cases

Listed below are a few of the most prominent cases Ansar Burney continues to be involved with: 1990 to time - child camel jockeysBurney is specially credited as the person whose efforts resulted in the finish of kid slavery by means of kid camel jockeys in the centre East leading to thousands of kids were getting freed returned with their homes in South Asia and Africa.Beginning his marketing campaign against child trafficking 2 decades earlier, Burney have been involved in increasing awareness of the problem of child camel jockeys for quite some time and have been mixed up in save and repatriation of several children through the Gulf region. During 2003-04 in the UAE only, as per reviews from the Bureau of Democracy, Human being Privileges, and Labor at the united states STATE DEPT., Burney had were able to save and repatriate over 400 kids.By 2005, the usage of kid camel jockeys was prohibited in the UAE, and in additional neighbouring Gulf nations the entire year after, and in reputation the Ansar Burney Trust was declared a global best practice by the united states STATE DEPT. in its 2005 Trafficking in Individuals Report. The record stated:A noted Pakistani human being privileges activist, Ansar Burney spent some time working relentlessly to create to light the plight of a large number of South Asian and African kids trafficked to Arab countries in the Persian Gulf for exploitation mainly because camel jockeys. These abused kids, some as youthful as 2 yrs old, are purposely malnourished (to maintain them light-weight) and rejected education. Due to Mr. Burney's initiatives, the Government from the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.) set up its first-ever shelter for rescued kid camel jockeys, and rescued 68 such kids and repatriated 43 through the shelter. Mr. Burney oversees this shelter. He's quick to indicate, however, that a lot more needs to be achieved to recovery, rehabilitate, and repatriate a large number of trafficked kids through the entire Gulf region.Burney continues on his objective to end such existing procedures over the Middle East. A documentary on his function rescuing kid camel jockeys that shown over the American TV route HBO gained both an Emmy Award and an Alfred DuPont Award. 2002 – Framing and murder of 7 immigrants in Macedonia6 Pakistani and an Indian immigrant wanting to combination illegally into European countries were arrested by Macedonian specialists in March 2002. An idea was hatched as well as the guys were taken near to the US Embassy in Macedonia where these were murdered and framed as terrorists so that they can prove Macedonia’s qualifications like a frontline US ally in the battle on terror. At that time, it was mentioned with the Macedonian regulators that the guys got travelled from Pakistan so that they can strike the embassy and the program have been foiled with the actions from the Macedonian law enforcement. The pre-planned occurrence and framing was masterminded at that time Interior Minister Ljube Boškoski. Information on this incident found light after Burney’s involvement in the problem. He stopped at Macedonia to get arrest of Boškoski (who fled the united states), settlement for the households, and to possess the victims' physiques returned with their homes. 2003 - 10 Pakistani Taekwondo players falsely accused of terrorism10 Pakistani taekwondo players, who had been representing their nation in video games being kept in Latvia, were arrested in 2003 in terrorism fees. The players' households approached Burney who subsequently approached the Latvian regulators to get the males’s launch. After a study, it was exposed that this players’ only criminal offense was that that they had booked a linking airline flight to Pakistan via Russia - a airline flight which an Israeli golf ball group was also traveling. The men had been arrested without the evidence, but solely because of the fact these were Pakistani and Muslim. Burney guaranteed the players’ launch and repatriation to Pakistan. 2005 – 60 Pakistanis offered into slavery in SudanIn March 2005, 60 Pakistanis arrived legally in Khartoum, Sudan searching for a better long term and to function a job these were promised by a company at an oil company. Nonetheless they discovered themselves to have already been offered into slavery at a labour camp in Bageer (near Khartoum). Encircled by equipped guards and without escape, the males spent five weeks in the personal prison, functioning as slave labourers given mostly boiled grain and dirty drinking water.If they finally were able to get in touch with the Pakistani Embassy in Sudan these were provided whole support – until it had been revealed that the business that arranged their travel and marketed them into slavery was in fact owned with a senior minister in Pakistan. The guys were deserted and still left to suffer also much longer. The Ansar Burney Trust was up to date through volunteers and released a advertising campaign for the come back of the guys; who had been finally came back a couple of months afterwards. 2011 – discharge of 22 hostages from Somali piratesMV Suez, a Panamanian flag cargo vessel with twenty-two staff people was hijacked by Somali pirates on 4 August 2010. The staff contains eleven Egyptians, six Indians, four Pakistanis and a Sri Lankan. The pirates demanded a ransom of $20 million from your dispatch’s owner; nonetheless they could just manage $1 million. In desperation, the pirates allowed the team members to get hold of their homes. Struggling to raise the huge amount of cash to pay out the ransom, the family members approached Burney who, along with Governor of Sindh Dr. Israt Ibab, released a national marketing campaign to improve the money. Burney travelled towards the UAE, Egypt, Somalia, and India inside a bet to secure the discharge of the team users. He finally been successful as well as the vessel premiered on 13 June 2011. A surgical procedure was then released from the Pakistan Navy entitled Procedure Umeed-e-Nuh to escort the dispatch and its own sailors to Karachi, Pakistan. 2012 - Provide to recreate your body of Ajmal KasabIn November 2012, following the Federal government of India reported that Pakistan had refused to claim your body of slain Lashkar-e-Taiba Terrorist Ajmal Kasab, Burney wanted to bring back your body to Pakistan citing humanitarian causes.

Anti-corruption movement

On 22 Aug 2011, Ansar Buney announced that following a Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations by the end of Ramadan, he'd start an anti-corruption motion in Pakistan predicated on the popular motion of Anna Hazare in India.


While doing work for the discharge of Indian prisoner in Pakistan Sarabjit Singh's sister has alleged that Ansar Burney informed her that 250 million rupees had been demanded by Pakistani military to create Sarabjit Singh back again to India.

Awards and recognition

Because of his prominent function, Ansar Burney is widely recognised seeing that the initial man to introduce the idea of human legal rights in Pakistan.In 1991, because of his work and achievements in neuro-scientific human legal rights at a age, particularly his efforts for prison reforms and release of innocent prisoners, he was awarded the Outstanding Little Person from the World Award with the Junior Chamber International (JCI).Because of his achievements in neuro-scientific individual and civil legal rights, Burney was the initial man to get the Pakistani Country wide Civil Award Sitara-i-Imtiaz in 23 March 2002. This is the first event in the annals of Pakistan that this award was honored in neuro-scientific human rights.In recognition of his two decade worldwide campaign against individual trafficking also to end child slavery in the centre East by means of child camel jockeys, Burney was announced an Anti-Human Trafficking Hero with the then-United Expresses Secretary of Condition Condoleezza Grain and in the 2005 Trafficking in Persons Report by america Department of Condition.In 2008, because of his humanitarian work and efforts to really improve visitors to people relations between Pakistan and India, Burney was awarded the Mom Teresa Memorial (International) Award with the Tranquility Foundation in neuro-scientific Social Justice.In 2011, because of his untiring efforts for the discharge of MV Suez and its own crew from Somali pirates and his great achievements in neuro-scientific human rights going back three decades, Burney was awarded the renowned MKRF award with the Mir Khalil-ur-Rahman Base.In 2012, in recognition of his humanitarian work in Pakistan and overseas, Burney was awarded the Gemstone Award with the Secretary of Condition for Wales, Cheryl Gillan MP, in the occasion from the Gemstone Jubilee of Elizabeth II.Ten years following receiving the civil award Sitara-i-Imtiaz, in 14 August 2012, the Leader of Pakistan Asif Ali Zardari declared the civil award Hilal-i-Imtiaz for Ansar Burney. Burney received this honour on 23 March 2013 on the Presidency in Islamabad.Additionally, Ansar Burney continues to be the recipient of more than 250 national and international awards during the last three decades.

Private life

Burney married Shaheen on, may 28, 1981. They possess three kids: Fahad, Raheel and a girl Sana.