Andrzej Chwalba


Andrzej Chwalba (given birth to 1949 in Częstochowa) is a Polish historian. Teacher of history on the Jagiellonian School (since 1995), the university’s prorector of didactics (1999-2002), mind from the Institute of Public and Spiritual History of European countries in 19th and 20th hundred years, as well as the deacon and prodeacon of Section of History. Chwalba graduated in the Jagiellonian School in 1972. Afterwards he worked being a instructor in Częstochowa. In 1977 he joined up with the Communist party – Polish United Employees’ Party. He obtained a Ph.D. in the Jagiellonian School in 1982. Chwalba is an associate from the Polish Historical Culture, the Historical Fee from the Polish Academy of Research and many foreign historical societies (Intern. Tagung der Historik, Europ. Community Liaison Committee of Historians, Center de recherches d’histoire des mouvement sociaux et du syndicalisme), aswell as editor in key of Alternatywy (1985-1989); and Arka (1994-1995). He’s a member from the editorial plank of Historyka. He’s also Chairman from the Organisational Committee from the Congress. Functions by Andrzej Chwalba center on public and religious background of European countries in 19th and 20th hundred years. He has released over 120 technological dissertations, including many books.


Socjaliści polscy wobec kultu religijnego (1989) Sacrum we rewolucja (1992) Józef Piłsudski historyk wojskowości (1993) Imperium korupcji w Rosji we Królestwie Polskim w latach 1861-1917 (1995) Czasy "Solidarności". Francuscy związkowcy i NSZZ "S" 1980-90 (1997) Polacy w służbie Moskali (1999) Słownik Historii Polski 1939-1948 (1994,1996) - coauthor Kalendarium Dziejów Polski (1999) (editor) Samobójstwo Europy. Wielka Wojna 1914-1918 (2014)