Amy Allen (philosopher)

Amy Allen
Institutions Dartmouth College, University of Edinburgh, Grinnell College


Amy Allen is a Liberal Arts Analysis Professor of Idea and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Research at The Pa State School, and she actually is also the existing Section Mind. Previously, she was the Parents Recognized Research Teacher in the Humanities and Teacher of Idea and Gender and Women’s Research at Dartmouth University, and was Seat of the Section of Idea from 2006-2012. Her analysis takes a important method of feminist strategies of power, examines the partnership between power and autonomy in the constitution of the topic, and tries to broaden traditional feminist understandings of capacity to connect with transnational issues.

Education and career

Allen received a bachelor's level from Miami College or university in 1992, and continued to get her master's and doctorate in beliefs from Northwestern College or university, in 1992 and 1996 respectively. She spent 1996-1997 like a Going to Assistant Teacher of Beliefs at Grinnell University and 1997-1999 like a Going to Assistant Teacher of Beliefs at Dartmouth University, before acknowledging a permanent visit there. In 2004, she was advertised to Associate Teacher and received a cross-appointment in the Women's and Gender Research Division. She spent a term overseas as Going to Professor of Beliefs at the College or university of Edinburgh in 2006, before time for Dartmouth and chairing the Beliefs division for six years. She actually is right now the Parents Recognized Research Teacher in the Humanities and Teacher of Beliefs and Women's and Gender Research.Besides on her behalf academic sessions, Allen offers held several other professional tasks, including serving while Professional Co-Director from the Culture for Phenomenology and Existential Beliefs, a member from the American Philosophical Association Eastern Division's Professional Committee, co-editor in main from the journal Constellations: A GLOBAL Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory, and editor from the Columbia College or university Press series New Directions in Critical Theory.


Allen has published a lot of refereed documents and publication chapters, aswell mainly because two books - THE ENERGY of Feminist Theory: Domination, Level of resistance, Solidarity as well as the Politics of Our Selves: Power, Autonomy and Gender in Modern Critical Theory - having a third quantity, THE FINISH of Improvement: Critical Theory in Postcolonial Occasions. THE ENERGY of Feminist Theory was a modified edition of Allen's dissertation that centered on evaluating pre-existing feminist understandings of power merging the insight provided by poststructuralists with this of normative crucial theory, even though both camps tend to be regarded as diametrically compared. Allen's second publication built within the foundations of her 1st, but focused a lot more narrowly on the partnership between power and autonomy in the building of the topic, approaching the query of if you'll be able to understand gendered topics as being concurrently constituted by power relationships and autonomously self-constituting, wanting to bridge the space between Foucaultian and Habermasian crucial theory.