Alisa Bokulich


Alisa Bokulich can be an American philosopher of technology and Teacher of Beliefs at Boston College or university. Since 2010 she’s been the Movie director of the guts for Beliefs and History of Technology at Boston College or university, where she organizes the Boston Colloquium for Beliefs of Technology, and acts as a string Editor for Boston Research in Beliefs and History of Technology. She was the 1st woman ever to become tenured in the Beliefs Division at Boston College or university and the 1st woman to become director of the center for background and beliefs of technology in THE UNITED STATES. Bokulich attended senior high school at Forest Ridge College in Bellevue, Washington, got her Bachelor’s in Beliefs, with a in Physics, from Washington Condition College or university, and received her Ph.D. from this program ever sold and Beliefs of Science in the College or university of Notre Dame, beneath the direction from the physicist Wayne T. Cushing. Her educational genealogy, tracked through Ph.D. dissertation advisors, can be Cushing—Utmost Dresden—George Uhlenbeck–Paul Ehrenfest–Ludwig Boltzmann. Her research targets the annals and beliefs from the physical sciences, especially classical and quantum mechanics, and recently beliefs of the planet earth sciences. She’s published broadly on topics such as for example models, explanation, organic kinds, thought tests, fictions in technology, supertasks, and the annals of quantum theory. She actually is the author from the publication Reexamining the Quantum-Classical Connection: Beyond Reductionism and Pluralism (Cambridge UP 2008), which includes been well received by physicists and philosophers as well, and co-editor of four additional books.