Alana I. Capria

Alana I. Capria
Long Island, New York
GenrePoetry, Fiction, Feminist Horror, Experimental


Alana We. Capria (given birth to 1985) can be an American article writer. She is the writer of the brief tale collection Wrapped in Crimson (Montag Press, 2014), book Hooks and Slaughterhouse (Montag Press, 2013), as well as the chapbooks Body organ Meat, Getting rid of Me (Turtleneck Press, 2012) and “Lilith” (dance young lady press, 2015). She’s an MFA in Innovative Composing from Fairleigh Dickinson College or university. Capria resides in North NJ with her hubby. Her style serves as a Feminist Horror and merges fantastical narrative with traditional references, aswell as poetry. Capria’s books were section of a skill exhibition called Post Partum Party in Rhombus Space, situated in Crimson Hook, Brooklyn in 2014. For the display, she joined various other authors in reading off their most recent books. Capria read from Body organ Meat, Getting rid of Me through the 2012 Boog Town Poetry & Music Festival in Brooklyn. Her brief fiction continues to be published in several literary journals and continues to be nominated for the 2014 Best of the web as well as the 2015 Pushcart Award. Capria was a normal contributor using the literary groupings Mighty Mercury as well as the Stage Chamber. Her latest books were released using the micro specific niche market posting group Montag Press, an Oakland, California centered collective that’s written by SPD Little Press Distribution. Wrapped in Crimson was illustrated by Katerina Lanfranco. Hooks and Slaughterhouse was illustrated by Rita Okusako. Capria offers published her function thoroughly since 2009.

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