Agostino Abbagnale

Agostino Abbagnale
Personal information
Born(1966-08-25) August 25, 1966 (age 51)
Pompei, Italy
Height1.88 m (6 ft 2 in)
Weight96 kg (212 lb)
Country Italy
ClubG.S. Fiamme Gialle


Agostino Abbagnale (given birth to 25 August 1966) can be an Italian rower and triple Olympic silver medalist. He’s the younger sibling of multiple Olympic medalists Carmine Abbagnale and Giuseppe Abbagnale.

Abbagnale was created in Pompei. He received his first platinum medal in the 1988 Summer season Olympics in Seoul. He stroked the Italian Quadruple scull (4x). His brothers Carmine and Giuseppe received platinum medals at the same video games in the set with coxswain event (2+).Following the medal ceremony, Abbagnale, who's an unhealthy swimmer, jumped in to the rowing lake and landed using one of his partners Davide Tizzano, knocking the gold medal out of his hand. It required scuba divers two times to recuperate the lacking medal. Soon thereafter, Abbagnale started experiencing thrombosis which triggered bloodstream clots in the blood vessels of his hip and legs. He had to stop rowing for five years, which avoided him from rowing in the 1992 Summer season Olympics.Abbagnale returned towards the Olympic stage in the 1996 Summer season Olympics, teaming with Davide Tizzano to get the Platinum in the two times scull (2x). In the 2000 Summer season Olympics, Abbagnale repeated his platinum medal performance, earning the quadruple scull (4x). A flare-up in his thrombosis pressured Abbagnale to retire in 2003.In 2006, Abbagnale was awarded the Thomas Keller Medal, distributed by FISA, the governing table for worldwide rowing. The Thomas Keller Medal is definitely awarded for a superb career in worldwide rowing. Abbagnale's brothers Carmine and Giuseppe have been granted the Thomas Keller Medal in 1997.


Olympic Medals: 3 Yellow metal World Tournament Medals: 2 Yellow metal and 2 Sterling silver. Thomas Keller Medal Awarded in 2006 for a superb career in worldwide rowing.

Olympic Games

2000 – Gold, Quadruple Scull 1996 – Gold, Double Scull 1988 – Gold, Quadruple Sculls

World Championships

2002 – Sterling silver, Increase Scull 1999 – 7th, Quadruple Scull 1998 – Silver, Quadruple Scull 1997 – Silver, Quadruple Scull 1995 – 13th, Increase Scull 1987 – 11th, Quadruple Scull 1985 – Sterling silver, Eight

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