Abhay Ashtekar

Abhay Vasant Ashtekar
Born (1949-07-05) July 5, 1949 (age 68)
Kolhapur, Maharashtra, India
ResidenceUnited States
FieldsLoop Quantum Gravity
InstitutionsPennsylvania State University
Alma mater University of Texas, Austin; University of Chicago
Doctoral advisorRobert Geroch
Known forQuantum loop gravity
Notable awardsMember of National Academy of Sciences, First Gravity Prize by the Gravity Research Foundation, Massachusetts


Abhay Vasant Ashtekar (given birth to July 5, 1949) can be an Indian theoretical physicist. He’s the Eberly Teacher of Physics as well as the Director from the Institute for Gravitational Physics and Geometry at Pa State University or college. As the inventor of Ashtekar factors, he is among the founders of loop quantum gravity and its own subfield loop quantum cosmology. He in addition has written several explanations of loop quantum gravity that are available to non-physicists. In 1999, Ashtekar and his co-workers could actually calculate the entropy for the black hole, complementing a renowned 1974 prediction by Hawking. Oxford numerical physicist Roger Penrose provides described Ashtekar’s method of quantum gravity as “The main of all tries at ‘quantizing’ general relativity.” Ashtekar was elected as Member to Country wide Academy of Sciences in-may 2016.

Abhay Ashtekar was raised in several metropolitan areas, including Mumbai, in the condition of Maharashtra, India. After completing his undergraduate education in India, Ashtekar signed up for the graduate plan for gravitation on the School of Tx at Austin. He continued to comprehensive his Ph.D. on the School of Chicago beneath the guidance of Robert Geroch in 1978 and kept several consultations at Oxford, Paris, Syracuse before settling at Penn Condition.He married Christine Clarke in 1986 and both have a kid, Neil Ashtekar.

Religious views

Dr. Abhay Ashtekar can be an atheist, though he likes reading on Indian and additional eastern philosophy, specifically the Tao as well as the Zen customs. Furthermore, he statements to be influenced through the Bhagwat Gita in regards to his attitude towards function.


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