Abdelmahmood Abdelhaleem


Abdelmahmood Abdelhaleem Mohamad is a Sudanese diplomat. Since Sept 2006, Abdelhaleem continues to be his country’s ambassador towards the United Nations.


Abdelhaleem began his profession in the Sudanese Foreign Ministry in 1975 after receiving his Bachelor of Technology level in Political Technology from the University or college of Khartoum. In 1978, he received a grasp’s level in international relationships from Ohio University or college. He has offered across Africa and the higher Middle East for Sudan, including Saudi Arabia (1987–1989), Ethiopia (1990–1995), Somalia (1994) and Afghanistan (2003).

On Darfur

Within an interview in a written report within the conflict in Darfur by PBS's Frontline, he said, "We certainly are a developing country, we've our shortcomings. But we are unfairly treated. The problem of Darfur continues to be blown out of percentage."